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Forum Guide


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Welcome to the Forums FAQ! This guide is directed to help both new members and even experienced members.

User levels
All members apart of the forums can level up. Leveling up is based on how many legit posts they create. All levels are shown on non-staff member accounts as a user title. While it does not give you anything, each new level will be updated on your title!
  • New Member
    • This is the base and default title and level.
  • Member
    • This level can be achieved by creating 20 posts.
  • Active Member
    • This level can be achieved by creating 50 posts.
  • Well-known Member
    • This level can be achieved by creating 80 posts.
General support
For general support, you are welcome to contact the staff team by opening a conversation. First, try to open a conversation with a Helper, but you can also try contacting a Moderator or even an Admin if you really need to, depending on the severity of your issue. All staff will have a unique badge/rank on their profile, so you can easily check if they are an official staff member on the staff team.

However, you can also contact support@indefinitemc.net as a last resort, though a response may be slower.

Account reporting & security
If you see a user violating a rule over the forums, report it as soon as possible. You must be logged in to do this. For general threads or replies, you can click the Report button listed in that area. However, if it's a general account report, you may go the account of whom you want to report and click the Report button.

When you report a user, they will not know.

- Compromised account -
If your account was compromised, please change your password and/or email immediately. If you lost access to the account altogether, please contact us at support@indefinitemc.net and provide as much information as possible. We will open a large investigation and see if we can recover your account if everything gives a green light. However, if you cannot provide us enough information, we may deny your request.

Some information you can give us would be

- Close your account -
For whatever reason, you may close your account. However, you cannot do it on your own.

If you'd like to close down your account, open a conversation with an admin that has conversations open or, even better, contact us HERE. Once your account is closed, you cannot get it back. All posts and data relating to your account will be wiped. However, you might have to go through a small security test just to make sure it really is you.

- How to better protect your account -
Protecting your account is very important. Here are some tips! You can change your password/security settings HERE.
  • Use a strong password with uppercase letters and symbols
  • Enable 2FA Authentication. This can largely protect your account
  • Use a good email host and avoid sketchy hosts
  • Make sure your email also has a good password

Privacy policy
Interested in seeing what data we collect and how we use it? Click HERE.
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