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Hey Everyone!

Back then, we (me and previous staff) received some huge support on the idea of adding games to the server that will not affect the server's overall performance at a large cost. With that being said, I've always had a vision to make Indefinite a homemade type of server. At least for the start. What this means in my definition is that I want the server to really, really revolve around us, me and all of you, while keeping some things based and created with the idea of it being a small community.
The community. All in one big box.

Because of that box, here is where the question comes up. What if I (and possibly others in the future) made some types of homemade concepts, experiments, and games within a menu over at some sort of game world and mode on the server? There would be a lot to play and experiment with, and they don't all go together; they are just here for us to chill and see how we can improve them and we can all practically mess around while having a lot of fun.

These are different than official games, and official games would be like Paintball. These are literal games that were added. Originally, Indefinite were to be about plots, and that really, really, bolstered up the idea for this. Because when Indefinite was about plots, it really about creativity, but more importantly - the community revolving around itself with it's own magic. And that was quite amazing to see, and I still get this sense of motivation to really put plots in at some point due to the amazingness that comes with community creativity and how even more that cool box I listed above can be.

What do you think? Yeah? No way? Indefinite is starting off as a small community server, revolving around y'all to just play and have fun and literally chill + hang out, and it's sure as not going to start off some huge network. Should I go ahead and possibly add some 'homemade' projects inside an accessible menu within a mode? It won't affect the server's performance or the server's direction; the server's direction is quite unknown at the moment but all I know is that it's aimed to support the future.

What types of ideas would be added?

We don't know yet. However, the idea is to try and inform everyone what is being planned if it should be public information. The types of concepts for the games or ideas could range from experiments that took 30 minutes to an hour to make, to concepts that took forever to plan and create. Furthermore, this entire idea is quite literally a playground and we will be catching ideas as we go.

We encourage you to vote and place a comment describing what you think should happen. This personally gives all of us a larger perspective on how to handle and start creating this entire concept.

If you are especially not in the Indefinite Discord at the moment, and you were wondering what has happened to the project, I am quite excited to say it is still in development. Click the 'Discord' option in the navigation menu to join!


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It would be truly amazing having a one of a kind server on my server list. I feel like having the community choosing and having such a connection to the server itself would be great.


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i think something like this would be great for the server and the community surrounding it.