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  1. Refriz

    Word Story

  2. Refriz

    Server Guide

    Hey all! I'm sure other players will make a better guide than this in the future, but I figured I'd put this here because of the server launch! If you have any questions about something on the guide, just reply to this thread or ask in the Discord. For starters - before getting to the guide...
  3. Refriz


  4. Refriz

    Discussion of the Day (12/30)

    Please build me a time machine :>
  5. Refriz

    Discussion of the Day (12/30)

    Hey! Welcome to Discussion of the Day (DOTD). @DoNotSayMyName will be managing this, but I figured I'd launch this off! What did you find out or learn in 2019, and what are your goals for 2020?
  6. Refriz

    I couldn't agree more! :p

    I couldn't agree more! :p
  7. Refriz

    Should we do Building Tournaments?

    I like the plot idea!
  8. Refriz

    Server Rules

    These server rules are very important to make it a friendly and safe environment for all players. They also protect the experience of Indefinite players. It is expected that everyone follow these rules. Respect everyone ___________________ Cheating and abusing exploits ___________________...
  9. Refriz

    What will you build?

    Definitely some form of small medieval town. Even if it's 32x32. I will make it work!
  10. Refriz


    this is made. second
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