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Server Guide


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Dec 26, 2019
Hey all! I'm sure other players will make a better guide than this in the future, but I figured I'd put this here because of the server launch! If you have any questions about something on the guide, just reply to this thread or ask in the Discord.

For starters - before getting to the guide, note that there will be bugs. Indefinite will constantly get updates and be improved over time.

Please read the rules HERE so you understand the basics of what not to do, account security, and so on. We encourage you to read it, even if you may understand obvious rules in servers.

Thank you!

To enter the survival/bending world and get forward to playing, join the server and use your Navigator compass to connect to the Bending server. Once you're there, you will spawn at a lobby. In your first hotbar slot, there will be an item that allows you to teleport into the bending world!

Using bending abilities can be tricky at first, but I will try to explain it as easily as possible.

Bending works by picking an element - Water, Fire, Earth, or Air. Each element does different things, and they each contain a vast amount of abilities.

To select an element, use /element choose. Once you select that element, you will be able to use the abilities!

Using abilities
You can bind up to 9 abilities in your hotbar. You will scroll to whatever ability you set (look below) to use it. Some abilities require you to sneak, hold sneak and release, or to even press the attack (Mouse 1) button.

You can start binding abilities to your hotbar by using /b display <your element>. It will display all the possible abilities.
To actually bind an ability, scroll to any slot in your hotbar that you'd like to use for it and run the command: /bending bind <ability>
You can also use /b /b <ability> if you'd like to.

Tip: If you don't want to surf through the Display page, just use the <tab> key after bending bind. Example: /b b <tab> - it auto-complete and go through the list for you of that element.

Warps can be public or private. It is a replacement for the traditional /home command. All members have up to 3 warps that they can set.

You can open your warp Customization menu (i.e: to easily delete it, change the name, change it to Private), you can Shift + Right-click your own warp in the menu.
To create a warp, use /warp and click the Paper icon on the bottom. It'll prompt you to type in the warp name. Or, you can use: /warp create <name>.
And to delete a warp, just /warp delete <warp>.

To set the warp to private with a command instead of the menu, just use /warp setstatus <warp> <public or private>

So many more features and systems are being considered and tested, and I personally can't wait to roll the rest of the content out to make the experience even more awesome. Stay on the look out, and happy release of 2020!
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